Shri Ramappa Siddammallappa Sajjan was popularly known as Ramanna Master in Bijapur city during '60s and earlier. During his time, he was a great teacher, farmer, businessman, poet, and writer.

He wrote several poems in his time and few of them have appeared in the Kannada newspapers. He wrote a poem called “Udayavagali Namma Naadu” on Kannada Naadu which was known as Mysore State during that time. This poem was written during formation of Karnataka state. He wrote an emotional poem called "Taayee ellada Tavaruru" ತಾಯಿಯಿಲ್ಲದ ತವರೂರು (ಪಾರ್ಧಿಕ್ ಷಟ್ಪದಿ). This poem expresses the feeling of a woman when she comes to her brother's house where her mother is no longer there.  Another poem he wrote is called "Annana Haraike" ಆಣ್ಣನ ಹಾರೈಕೆ   which is in ಭಾಮಿನಿ ಷಟ್ಪದಿ format. This expresses the brother’s blessing and feelings when his sister marries and goes to her husband’s house first time.

Literature and mathematics books:
Rammanna Master wrote numerous number of  books on Kannada literature, mathematics and other educational books during his time. He published about 16 books. And some of them were part of the school curriculum during his time.

Kannada books:

1. Nilamani - Kannada Tirulu.

2. Kannada Sulabh Vyakarana

3. Kannada Shabdha Kosh Sangraha

    Mathematics books:

4. Aranbadh Jama-Karchu Bhaga 0

5. Hindi Jama-Karchu Bhaga 1

6. Hindi Jama-Karchu Bhaga 2

7. Ganith saara sangraha 

    Education book:

8. Angasadhana shikhana (1944)

9. Prayer book

10. Scout education (Did not get published)

      Primary school geography text books:

11. Bhugola – Vijapur

12. Bhugola – Indi

13. Bhugola – Sindagi

14. Bhugola – Bagewadi

15. Bhugola – Basavana Bagewadi

16. Bhugola – Muddhebihaal

17. Bhugola – Jamakhandi

18. Bhugola – Mudhol

Early life:
Ramappa Sidmallapa Sajjan was born in 20-Jan-1905 in a Honawad village of Karnataka State in India. His parents' names are Nilammayee and Siddamallapa Sajjan. He completed his study in Bijapur city and he was also raised and taken care by Satyavva-ayee. He is lonely son to his parent with his loving sister called Gouramma Parappa Sajjan (8-Oct-1923 to 24-Sept-1942).

Professional life:
He was very famous for his punctuality and strictness. He had zero-tolerance towards duties related to studies by his students. He also performed his duties as farmer. He managed and took care of farming activities in Byakod and Honawad villages. He also performed his duties towards Shri Veerabadreshara Temple activities as our ancestors did from hundreds of years ago. Many temple ritual starts from our house in Byakod including temple Kalasa pooja and Gangastala processions. He also managed a book shop called “Mahalaxmi book depot” which was located opposite Mahalaxmi temple, M.G.Road Bijapur.

Personnel life:
He loved his sister too much who died at very young age. You can notice his emotions from his poem. He and his mother Nilammayee raised her daughter Shantabai Sidamallappa Sajjan in Bijapur and Byakod village. He had 4 children Subadhra, Sidamallappa, Parvati and Gouramma. In Byakod villege, Biradar and Gouda family were very supportive and gave moral support for his achievements.

Later time:
After retirement he spent his time in developing and expanding agricultural lands in Byakod village. When he was alone and walking in the farm land during night time, he fell down from the height and his leg got struck in mud. He spent whole night with broken leg until workers came and saw in the morning. He was treated by Dr. Umarji and he was treated at also at Hubli. He could recover very well at his old age. On 02-Sept-1972 he passed away in early morning.

-Puneeth Sajjan

Original first draft by Puneeth